Sunday, January 22, 2012

Day 15--800 Rep Challenge!!!

Day 15...and I thought I was hurting after Day 14!!!!!

Maybe it was because my backside and arms were still feeling yesterday's workout, but whoo..that last round of push ups about did me in!!!!   I'm going to have nightmares about High Knees tonight ;)  30 Day Challenge.  There hasn't been a huge difference scale wise, but body-wise oohwhee mama!  It's been incredibly hard, I've pushed myself beyond what I ever thought I could do..and it has payed off!   I'm not all about kids being on diets...and Jamie isn't  following our plan (believe me he gets Plenty of treats!), but he's dropped 10 lbs!  It's helped that he hit a growth spurt.  He's all buff and muscly now...every almost 12 yr old's dream ;)

Day 15 Stats:

800 Rep Timed Challenge (Repeat 2 times)

25 Push Ups
100 High Knees
25 Ab Knee Tucks
100 High Knees
25 Squats w/ wts
100 High Knees
25 Tricep Dips

My Time:     16:35

This was hard..super hard.  My arms were screamin'!  The last 2 sets of High Knees felt like my shoes were made out of cement!   

There's something about pushing through when your head is telling you to just do 1 round....skip the last tricep dip, no one will know.  Well you know what, I'll know...and there's a huge sense of accomplishment from not giving in to what my head wanted and finishing the whole set!  (of course, I'm saying that after I was finally able to move hahahaha)

Tomorrow's a "rest" day from the I'll see ya on Tuesday!

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